The group vidding workshop is just what it sounds like - a chance to work in a group to make (part of) a vid. Each small group (about 3-5 people) gets a section of a song to vid, as well as a selection of sources to use, and at the end all of the sections are stitched together to make a miraculous Frankenvid.

The eagle-eyed among you may have already spotted that this year's VidUKon schedule is now viewable! Starting at 2pm BST on Friday, we've got programming to take you all the way through to Sunday evening! For vidshows, you can watch live, or watch in a later timezone that fits with your schedule, and catch up later on demand if you miss anything. We've also got panels, an icebreaker quiz and the now-legendary group vidding workshop. Registration is open now if you'd like to join us on 11-13 June!

Exciting news - vid submissions are now open for both Premieres and Vidder’s Choice! If you have registered for VidUKon 2021, you can now submit your vids for both shows via this Google Form. The deadline for Vidder’s Choice is Saturday 1 May, and the deadline for Premieres is Sunday 9 May. If you want to submit a vid to one or both shows but you don’t expect to be registered before these deadlines, please email us at vidukon AT gmail DOT com, and we will let you know how to get your vids to us.

As usual, we are seeking brand new, never-before-seen vids for our Saturday night Premieres show. All vidders are invited and encouraged to submit premieres, whether or not they are attending the con. Vids can be any fandom, theme, or style, and there is no minimum level of experience required. The only requirement is that the vid be completely new, showing for the first time at the con. This means that once you submit it to us, you cannot release it online or show it at any other convention until after the Premieres show on Saturday night of the con. After that you can release the vid as usual. The deadline for Premieres submissions is May 9th. We’ll give fuller instructions on how to submit closer to the time. Vidders with a con membership can also submit one of their back-catalogue vids for the Vidder’s Choice show, as in previous years. The deadline for Vidder’s Choice is May 1st, so start having a think about which of your vids you’d like to show off this year!

Registration is now open for VidUKon 2021!