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Premieres and Vidder’s Choice - we want your vids!
8 Apr 2021, 6:08 p.m.

Exciting news - vid submissions are now open for both Premieres and Vidder’s Choice! If you have registered for VidUKon 2021, you can now submit your vids for both shows via this Google Form. The deadline for Vidder’s Choice is Saturday 1 May, and the deadline for Premieres is Sunday 9 May. If you want to submit a vid to one or both shows but you don’t expect to be registered before these deadlines, please email us at vidukon AT gmail DOT com, and we will let you know how to get your vids to us.

Registration Information

This year’s VidUKon is taking place online, with programming accessible here on Conline, socialising on our Discord server, and some items taking place via video meeting platforms.

Registration costs £10.

Please click through to read the full Registration Information and to register for this year's con!

VidUKon Online 2021

VidUKon is a UK-based fan-run convention for vidders and vid watchers. We watch vids, talk about vids, and generally have an awesome time.

You can expect vidshows, discussion panels, workshops and social events. During the convention, the shows and panels will be viewable on this site by everyone with an online membership.

Check out the FAQ if you'd like to know more!

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