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VidUKon 2024: 27-30 June, Cardiff and Online!
12 Feb 2024, 8:41 p.m.

VidUKon 2024 is just four months away! Here are the essential things to know so far about this year's convention: First of all, it takes place on 27-30 June, both in Cardiff and online. For the first time ever, we are trying out programming on the Thursday evening! This will be online-only and will consist of an hour or two of vidshows, to whet everyone's appetites. Friday programming will begin - online and in person - in the afternoon as usual. If you’d like to attend, you can learn more about registration here. The deadline to register for in-person attendance is May 4. If you’re joining us in person you will probably also want to know about hotel room bookings and finding a roommate! The deadline to book a hotel room in the VidUKon block is May 31. Up to four people can share a room. Of course, a con needs programming! If you’d like to suggest a vidshow, panel or any other sort of content, you can find more information here - the deadline for that is coming up fast on February 23. The same link also contains info about submitting a Premiere (deadline May 6) or a Vidder’s Choice (deadline April 1). This year's themed submissions show will be open to premiering vids only, and the theme will be Creation/Decay. The deadline for this show will also be May 6. With more updates to come, make sure to keep an eye on our social media - you'll always find the latest updates here on Dreamwidth, plus you can keep tabs on us via Tumblr and Bluesky. Those crucial dates in chronological order: February 23 - deadline for programming suggestions April 1 - deadline to submit to Vidder’s Choice May 4 - deadline to register for in-person attendance May 6 - deadline to submit to Premieres and the themed submissions show May 31 - deadline to book a hotel room in the VidUKon block June 28-30 - VidUKon!!! We hope to see you at this year’s con!

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