Availability of VUK 2023 Vidshows

teyla / 16th Jun 2023, 11:24PM

That's a wrap on VidUKon 2023! Well, it's been a wrap for a few days already, but today the last of concom finally made it home after a few days of recovery in the English countryside. (There was a hot tub. It was great.)

We've been keeping an eye on our streaming traffic/ cost, and have decided that we can afford to keep the vidshows online for now, albeit with a monthly traffic cap. The cap is fairly generous, so usually, the shows should be available. If you ever find that they are not, it's likely that it's late in a month in which lots of people decided to replay VUK 2023 shows, and our cap has been exceeded. It resets at the beginning of each month, so in a case like that, please just try again early the next month. The shows should then be available again.

You're free to watch whenever you want and don't need to worry about using up traffic: we don't expect to hit the cap in an average month. The one thing we do ask is that you don't share the links to the videos or to the vidshows anywhere that could create an undue amount of views, i.e. public forums (Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, public Dreamwidth posts, etc.).

If we don't encounter any unexpected surprises, the vidshows will remain available in this form at least until next year. Happy rewatching!