VidUKon 2022 registration is open!

fray-adjacent / 6th Mar 2022, 1:56PM

We are excited to announce that registration for VidUKon 2022 is officially open!

You can register as attending in-person (£55) or for the virtual (£15) VidUKon. Like the last two years, Virtual VidUKon will have full vidshows on ConLine with Discord chat and access to panels, and at least one member of ConCom will be attending virtually. Anyone who registers for the in-person con can also access the virtual con, e.g. from their hotel room. We are fully committed to making this a hybrid event!

A bit more info -- please read this before registering!

  • Here are our COVID-19 policy, our harassment policy, and our FAQ
  • Please note that as part of our COVID policy, we have a in-person cap of 30 attendees, which until recently was the upper limit permitted by Wales. If permitted and requested we might raise this cap to 35, but no higher. For reference, pre-pandemic we usually had around 30 in-person attendees (31 in 2019).
  • The deadline for in-person registration is 7 May.
  • We are seeking volunteer moderators for the virtual con. Mods will have their virtual registration fee waived. If you are interested in modding, please hold off on registering and get in touch with us by emailing If you've already registered but would like to mod, please let us know.
  • Registration includes the option to express interest in joining the quiz and the vidding workshop. This is not binding, and if you like you will have the option of requesting teammates on the vidding workshop later on.
  • Payment is included in registration -- if you don't get a payment page then it could be your adblocker.
  • In-person attendees will be able to reserve rooms at the Futures Inn hotel in Cardiff (the usual venue) at a reduced rate -- watch this space.
  • Remember that the call for programming is out! Send us your ideas for vidshows, panels, and other fun con content. - If you have any questions, please contact us at

Register for VidUKon 2022 here!

(If you're not logged in to conline, you might need to log in and then return to that link to register.)




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