AO3 Premieres Collection

teyla / 14th Mar 2022, 5:39PM

Are you premiering a vid at VidUKon 2022? Would you like to share this vid on AO3 after the premiere? Would you like to avoid the mad scramble of posting your vid quickly after the show when all you want is to chat with people about all the cool vids you just watched?

Introducing: the unrevealed AO3 VidUKon 2022 premieres collection!

As part of your premiere submission, we invite you to create a work on AO3 for your vid and post it to the collection. The collection is unrevealed, which means that your work will not be shown to anyone even if you post it – it will show as a “Mystery Work” similar to Festivids and Yuletide. After the premieres show, VidUKon concom will reveal this collection, meaning that your vid will then be visible to AO3 users without you needing to do anything to make that happen.

Posting to the collection is perfectly voluntary! You do not need to create an AO3 post, or add it to the collection, for your vid submission to be complete. It’s meant as a support for vidders to take advantage of or not at your own discretion.

If you do decide to post to the collection, please note the following:

  1. The collection is moderated. Depending on concom availability, it will take a while for your vid to get approved and properly added to the collection. The reason we’ve set it to being moderated is that we want to make sure that only VidUKon 2022 premieres end up in it. There are no other criteria the post or the vid need to fulfill to be approved.
  2. When you post, make very sure to add your vid to the collection before you hit “Post”! Otherwise the vid will be posted like a normal work and your subscribers will be notified, effectively premiering the vid prematurely. You can add the vid to the collection in the posting form, or by posting using the “Post to Collection” button on the collection’s main page.
  3. The collection will be revealed after the show in the con’s time zone, i.e. Cardiff. This means that the reveal might happen slightly before or during the show in another, later time zone.
  4. If you’re premiering a vid in the themed “Blorbo from My Show” vidshow, please watch this space to learn how we’re going to handle the reveal of those premieres. The decision depends on the schedule, which will not be finalized until after programming submissions have closed. (They’re still open, by the way, just in case you have ideas!)

Happy vidding!