VidUKon's first themed submission vidshow: Blorbo From My Show

fray-adjacent / 12th Mar 2022, 10:30AM

We have an exciting announcement: in 2022 VidUKon will have our first themed submission vidshow! The theme is "Blorbo From My Show." If, like me a few days ago, you don't know what "blorbo" means, have a look at the blorbo know your meme page.

Basically, send us a vid about a beloved character for this vidshow. Premieres are encouraged but vids from your back catalogue are welcome. If we get more submissions than we have time to show, we will prioritse as follows: (1) showing as many different people's vids as possible and (2) prioritising premieres.

You are welcome to send us more than one vid but we can't guarantee that we will show them all, so please indicate your priority in the 'Description' field when you submit your vid through Conline. We have every intention of showing at least one vid by each person, but if needed that might require some spillover. For example, if we have more than 1-2 hours worth of vids for this show, we might split it into a session that runs in-person and virtually and a second virtual-only session. Submissions from in-person attendees will be prioritised for the in-person show.

You must be registered for VidUKon to submit a vid. Free virtual registration is available to anyone who agrees to help with moderating the virtual con.

Submit your vid in two steps -- please remember to do both!

1. Submit through Conline -- this requires a streaming link which cannot be edited later.

2. Upload a copy of your vid.