The schedule is live! And other exciting/useful information.

Llin / 17th May 2022, 6:38PM

VidUKon 2022 is only a few short weeks away! As we start to crank up the vid machine, here’s a few things to help you all get ready for the con.


First of all, the schedule is live, so you can find out exactly what’s in store over the course of the weekend. The timetable is the same whether you’re attending in person or virtually, and in-person attendees will still have access to all of Conline’s features, as well as invitations to the con’s Discord server - watch out for that link a day or two before the con begins!

Saturday night’s non-premiering Blorbo From My Show show will take place virtually for everyone - if you’re joining in Cardiff, watch from the comfort of your own hotel room or join a room party - all are welcome, details will be confirmed on the day!


In-person Attendance

In-person attendees will be able to find concom members and other attendees in the vicinity of the Emma and Enniston event rooms, starting from 1pm on Friday 10 June. Some refreshments will be provided over the weekend, including sandwich buffet lunches and tea and biscuits during some of the breaks.

For other mealtimes, the restaurants of the Red Dragon Centre and Cardiff Bay are close by.

Our COVID-19 policy will be in effect in the convention spaces throughout the weekend - please don’t forget to bring your proof of vaccination and your mask! 



If you won’t be joining us in Cardiff and you’ve requested a conbook, DVD or USB, don’t forget to give us your mailing address so that we can send those out to you. If you’d like physical items sent, please register for the con by this Saturday 21 May. After this cutoff date you will not be able to request any physical items, but if you’d still like to attend virtually, you can still register up until Thursday 9 June.

Saturday 21 May is also the deadline for signing up to participate in the Friday Night Quiz or the Group Vidding Workshop! You can do this by finding the event on the schedule and clicking through to its page. For the Group Vidding Workshop, you can choose whether to be assigned to a team or to form a team of your own with folks you know - if you’d like to do the latter, please email us with details before the registration deadline so that this can be taken into account when teams are put together!


Last-minute details

Whether you’re joining in Cardiff or online, don’t forget that you can add premiering vids to our Premieres AO3 collections, to be revealed after the show ends!

Plus, remember to subtitle your vids if you’re able to!

Looking forward to seeing you all at this year’s con!