Vid Submissions Are Open!

teyla / 13th Mar 2022, 9:43AM

As some of you may have already spotted, we have opened up vid submissions! Here’s a quick how-to for vidders who want to submit to our various 2022 shows.

Registered Vidders

As a registered attendee (Cardiff or Conline), you can submit to Premieres, Vidder’s Choice, and the “Blorbo From My Show” themed vidshow. For more info on the shows please see the respective announcement posts. To submit your vid, please:

  1. Go to your dashboard and, in the “Submit Videos” tab, click to add your vid to the respective show. Fill in all required information and click “Save”. Voila, your vid has been submitted to Conline!

Note on IVDB: If your vid is not yet in Conline’s IVDB (Internet Vid Database), you’ll have to add it using the “add to database” link in the vid submission form. This will be the case for all premieres, as well as all non-premiere vids that haven’t had a chance yet to end up in this database.

How to add vids to IVDB is fairly self-explanatory after you click on the link. Please try to use the suggested tags for all fields where they exist (Conline will suggest them to you as you type). If you need to create new tags, try to follow the IVDB tagging guidelines wherever possible. They are very long. There is no need to read the whole thing, just pick out the bit that’s relevant to the tag you want to create. If you’re having trouble, ping us on Discord or send us an email, we’re happy to help.

  1. Very important second step! After submitting through Conline, please upload a hardcopy of your vid on the Vid Upload page. The upload links will take you to a Mega site where you can drop your file in to upload. Please make sure to name your vid as specified on the Vid Upload page!
  2. Edited to add a completely optional third step for premieres: add your premiere to the AO3 premieres collection! (Follow the link for more info.)

Unregistered Vidders

Even if you aren’t planning to attend and haven’t registered to VidUKon, you can submit a premiere. To submit a premiere as an unregistered vidder, please do the following:

  1. Upload a hardcopy of your vid on the Vid Upload page to Premieres.
  2. Email with the following information:
    • the title of your vid
    • all vidders who contributed to making it (i.e. you and potential co-vidders)
    • all sources (movie/TV show/etc.) that you used
    • the audio including title and artist you used
    • an unpassworded streaming link to your vid (i.e. an unlisted YouTube link or similar)

As an unregistered vidder, you cannot submit to Vidder’s Choice or the themed vidshow. Edited to add: You can submit your vid to the AO3 premieres collection, if you wish to do so.

All vid submissions are final! Only submit a vid you are happy to show at the con as-is. There is no option to edit your submission after it’s gone through. If you do have to adjust something, please do so by emailing us at with your request.

We look forward to your vids! Happy vidding!